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BDC Pro is the only Point of sale (POS) system designed exclusively for BDC operators in Nigeria as a solution to challenges presented by the generation & maintenance of hand-written transaction registers and receipts. The BRIX EFASS software currently approved by CBN for rendering BDC returns is missing important last-mile support for transaction receipt generation. BDC compliance officers consistently find themselves falling behind on their returns to CBN due to the tedious nature of rendering these returns. In an attempt to manage the backlog, some operators outsource or have to keep additional staff on the payroll just for this work process.

BDC Pro digitizes and automates the entire returns process; digital transaction records and registers, auto receipt generation and printing, auto export of transaction records to EFASS. The result is 500% faster returns and the permanent elimination of backlog. Complete DTR in less than 20 minutes and MTR in 10 minutes or less.

BDC Pro’s simple, clean and intuitive user interface, guarantess even users that have no computer experience can start recording transactions in less than one hour.

BDC Pro ships with a low maintenance thermal POS receipt printer (with 10 complimentary rolls of printing paper) that does not require ink or toner and prints 500 – 750 receipts per roll of paper


  • POS Terminal specifically designed for recording forex transactions into digital transaction registers
  • Ships with an automatic thermal (no ink or toner required), auto-cut enabled POS receipt printer and 10 complimentary rolls of print paper
  • Complete white label; the installed software and printed receipts carry your BDC name/brand and information including office address, phone numbers and email
  • Easy to master user interface, even for novice computer users
  • Secure 2-Level (Manager & Cashier) user access. Requires username and password to login and allows the operator to create unlimited users (Managers & Cashiers)
  • Permanently maintains a storage for all captured transactions in a well indexed database making it extremely easy to search and locate even your oldest transaction records or registers
  • Built-in support for data safety allowing the operator to back-up/restore the database (onto/from external drive or other media) with the click of a button
  • Native support for EFASS data templates allowing the operator to export transactions to the EFASS DTR & MTR Excel templates (DTR202, DTR217, DTR305, DTR315, MTR202, MTR217, MTR305, MTR315). No more repetitive copy & paste.

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