Bureau de Change Compliance
Management Technology

500 times faster daily & monthly CBN returns

BDC Pro is the only Point of sale (POS) system designed exclusively for BDC operators in Nigeria as a solution to challenges presented by the generation & maintenance of hand-written transaction registers and receipts.

BDC Pro digitizes and automates the entire returns process; digital transaction records and registers, auto receipt generation and printing, auto export of transaction records to CBN’s BRIX EFASS.

The result is 500% faster returns and the permanent elimination of backlog.

Complete DTR (DTR202, DTR217, DTR305, DTR315) in less than 20 minutes and MTR (MTR202, MTR217, MTR305, MTR315) in 10 minutes or less.

Foreign Excchange - US Dollar and Nigerian Naira bills

Key Features

Built-In POS Terminal

Specifically designed for recording forex transactions into digital transaction registers.

Data Security

Back-up/restore the database onto/from external drive or other media with the click of a button.

Transaction History Database

Easy to locate old transactions and re-print receipts.

Secure 2-Level User Access

Requires username and password to login and allows the operator to create unlimited users (Managers & Cashiers).

Integrates with CBN’s BRIX EFASS

BDC Pro exports transaction data to the EFASS DTR & MTR Excel templates. No more repetitive copy & paste.

No Ink or Toner Required

Ships with an automatic thermal POS receipt printer and 10 complimentary rolls of print paper (prints 500 -750 receipts per roll of paper).

Key Features

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Document Management

Fixed Asset Management

Portfolio Management

Fund Management

Corporate Actions Management

Trades Clearing Settlement & Delivery

Compliance Management (KYC, AML, IFRS)

Shares Certificates Management

Multi-SBU (Separate Business Units)

Multi-Asset Classes (Equity, Fixed Income, ETF, Derivatives, Commodities etc.)



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