Research Pro

Save Hours of Stock Market
Research Time

Let data, algorithms and technology work for you

NaYa Capital Research Pro is a modern workspace designed to reduce research and analysis busywork, so that investment analysts and managers can focus on the things that matter – identifying good, strong stocks at a discount.

Global Trybe - Research Pro

Advanced Market Info & Data

Daily Price List Archive

5+ years history

Markets Roundup

Stock markets activity summary auto-updated at close of market.

Price Movement

Get Last price, WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD Price changes for all stocks.

Volatility Monitor

Track stocks volatility based on cumulative daily price-range averages.

Volume Monitor

Track volume performances and quickly spot outliers.

Sectors Monitor

Track sectoral indices performance across the stock market.

Cumulative Returns

Break-down stock returns by historical time periods.

Bulk Data

Download time-series market data for your selected stocks.

Advanced Market Analytics

Stocks Health Monitor
Easily Identify Safe, Undervalued Stocks That Are Trending

Dividend Forecast
Project of Dividends From Stocks That Consistently Pay Dividends

Discount Locator
Quickly Identify Stocks Trading Below Their Fare Value

Stocks Rank
Grab Stocks Across The Market Based On Key Indicators For Quality,Value, Monmentum, Liquidity and More

Fundamental Overview
Quick View of Key Fundamental Indicators Across The Market

Model Portfolios
Pre-programmed/Tested “Guru Models” of The Greatest Investment Experts of All Time

Technical Overview
Quick view of key technical indicators across the market

Short-Term Outlook
Recommendations Based On Key Technical Indicators Updated Daily

Medium-Term Outlook
Recommendations Based on Key Fundamental Indicators Updated Weekly

Stocks Research

Make Your Research Easier and Less Time Consuming

The Stock Profiler gathers all the key profile information that you need to know to get a handle on every stock fast. This includes 5 years of normalized financial statements & ratios – with all the most important items charted and summarized.

You can track long term financial performance at a glance, and if you want to dig deeper you can pull up the full standardized financial statements within the browser.

Stock Research
Global Trybe - Stock Screener

Stock Screener

Easily Draw Up a Shortlist of Stocks To Look Into In Greater Detail

Filter the stock market quickly and confidently. With 200+ reference, financial, market, technical & composite data measures ready to use, you can build stock screens to find shares to match any investment style.

Technical Charting

Time Your Trades Better With Charts & Signals

Trading View charts with everything you need to create stunning technical analysis studies on all your stocks.

Drawing Tools, 50+ Indicators, Various Chart Styles, 10+ Years Data, Intra-day intervals (as low as 1 minute).

Our charts are intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced investors. Whether you simply look up the latest stock prices or analyze price patterns with technical analysis, we have you covered.

Technical Charting