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Business Resource Management

NaYa Capital Accounting

Effortless Accounting & Financial Reporting for Financial Institutions


NaYa Capital Accounting general ledger integrates seamlessly with your core business operations automatically recording transactions as they occur as part of day-to-day service delivery or business resource management activities.

Hence, giving CFOs on-demand access to the most accurate financial position of the business online, at any time and from anywhere.

A mobile phone view of a securities trading platform
A consultant entering financial data into an application


  • Accurate financial reporting and analysis tools (no excuses!)
  • Automated data entry and categorization
  • Secure and reliable data storage
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • Accessibility from any device with internet connection and modern web browser
  • Multi-user support with varying levels of access and permission
  • Multi-Currency General Ledger
  • Simple Chart of Accounts Management
  • Flexible Journals Management
  • Integration with other financial systems and software, such as banks and payment processors
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