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NaYa Capital Term-Deposit Management

Complete savings, investments and fixed deposit products management back-office software


The NaYa Capital Term-Deposit Management manages all your customer term-deposit accounts and yield/interest in one-place while delivering digital transformation across the entire term-deposit operations from account creation to liquidation.

The result is that teams spend less time doing admin work and more time growing the business.

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  • Fully digitized depositor KYC management
  • Fully automated deposit management accounting
  • Integrated document management – attach electronic copies of required documentation to each account opening
  • Integrated e-signatures – attach required signatures (along with time stamp consent and device identification) to each account
  • Flexible term-deposit offer and terms of agreement management
  • Powerful graphic dashboards for comprehensive view of the term-deposit portfolio including yield/interest payout calendars, statement of account and much more
  • Supports both fixed and variable rate term-deposits
  • Manage term-deposit accounts in multiple currencies
  • Flexible term-deposit products management – create and manage parameter-driven deposit products where key variables (interest rate, tenor etc.) can be preset for pre-defined deposit types (Savings, Fixed Deposits etc.) or customized to based on the needs of users, and the dynamics of sales channels and intermediaries
  • Beautiful interactive user interface and experience (UI/UX)
  • Accessibility from any device with internet connection and modern web browser
  • Multi-user support with varying levels of access and permission plus detailed audit trailing
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