NaYa Capital Registrar

ERP Software for Registrar

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NaYa Capital Registrar delivers complete monitoring and management of shareholders registry.


  • All NaYa Capital ERP features
  • Multi-tenant registry database management – create and manage unlimited number of registries
  • Integrated shareholder database management – upload, organize and store shareholders information such as contact details, shareholding and transaction history
  • Share transfer management – track and facilitate the transfer of shares between shareholders
  • Dividend management – calculate and distribute dividends to shareholders
  • Bonus shares management – calculate and distribute bonus shares to shareholders
  • Shareholder accounts merger management
  • Shareholder meetings schedule management (AGM, EGM) – email notices, print address labels, record attendance, plus manage voting ballots and vote counts
  • Powerful Intelligence – easily generate reports on shareholder information and transactions
  • Strong Risk Management – detailed audit trailing, strictly enforced dual transaction access control and workflows
  • Direct CSD integration via API
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • Accessibility from any device with internet connection and modern web browser
  • Multi-user support with varying levels of access and permission
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