NaYa Capital Research Pro

Save Hours of Stock Market Research Time

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NaYa Capital Research Pro delivers a modern workspace designed to reduce stock market research and analysis busy work, so that investment analysts and managers can focus on the things that matter – identifying good strong stocks at a discount.

Research Pro collects the data, prepares the data, and models the data into actionable intelligence everyday without you lifting a finger!


  • 10+ Guru Portfolio Models
  • Weekly Dividend Forecast
  • Weekly Stocks Health Analysis
  • Weekly Discount Stocks Recommendation
  • Weekly Stocks Fundamental Analysis
  • Daily Stocks Technical Analysis
  • Daily Markets Round-up
  • Weekly Markets Round-up
  • Daily Stock Market Trend Locator
  • Daily Stock Market Price-Volume Analysis
  • Daily Stock Market Short-Term Outlook Analysis
  • Weekly Stock Market Medium-Term Outlook Analysis
  • Price List Archive (10+ Years)
  • Daily Market Price Movement Analysis
  • Daily Price Range Analysis
  • Daily Cumulative Returns Analysis
  • Corporate Actions Calendar
  • Daily Trade Volume Analysis
  • Daily Market Sector Analysis
  • Weekly Stocks Ranking
  • Light-weight, only requires a modern web browser
  • Beautiful seamless user interface and experience (UI/UX)
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